Monday, 3 May 2010

Game 1 - Shipwrecked!

Well after 5 months of building and painting I finally got to put all the new terrain to use. The last month has been massively hectic with work and finishing terrain and miniatures off so I've been a little slack with the updates. However for the next week you're in for a treat, I'll be posting the commentary for the 4 games my brother and I played over the bank holiday weekend.

First Up Shipwrecked.

Our heroes:
Dr Dirk Savage: Our favourite treasure hunter returns once again bringing his brains and brawn to the fight.
Captain Wells-Robinson: A trusted companion to the doctor, the Captain brings some much needed fire power.
Jasper: The Captains loyal mutt, willing to follow him through thick and thin.

(unfortunately I've no individual pictures of the heroes as the Captain and Jasper belong to my brother and I forgot to take the shots before I left.)

The adventure starts with our poor heroes being washed ashore after their boat is shipwrecked in a tropical storm somewhere off the coast of South America.

I did a test set up about a week before we played this game and grabbed an overhead shot of the board to remind me of the layout. On the day a few bits changed but not much.

Test Set up

Final set up on the day.

Back to the adventure, our heroes awaken on the rocky shores of this unknown land with wreckage all around and a storm heading in. They much first gather up much needed equipment and head into the jungle to find cover from the coming storm. However they are not along...

The Savages Investigate

As our Heroes make their way across the rocky shoreline a number of painted skinned natives appear to investigate, they appear to be less than friendly and the captain lets them feel a little lead.

With ever increasing number of jungle warriors approaching our heroes make a dash for it. On their way they managed to uncover several of the missing crates, additional ammo, medical supplies and a shotgun were now all in hand for their adventure.

Dirk makes a run for it.

Eat Lead!

With the Dirk well out of harms way the Captain takes the opportunity to gun a few more the the jungle warriors down.


Jasper, excited by the new sights and smells of this foreign shore stumbles upon a dangerous spike trap. This was not to be the first time his canine instincts would let him down.


With the natives left trailing and everyone still on their feet our heroes make their escape past some ancient ruins and into the jungle.

To be continued...

Post Game Blurb:
For the first game of the weekend this seemed to go rather well, we of course forgot a few rules and tweeked the planned game as we went along, overall the native warriors did not do a lot of damage to the heroes but with ever growing numbers it became easier to run than fight.

The only additions to the scenario I would make if run again would be a strict time limit for the heroes to reach the safety of the jungle and the the jungle warriors should have gone for capturing the heroes rather than straight out attacking them.


Mr. Retzer said...

What rules are you using?

Donogh said...

Looks fantastic - nicely put together

Gharak said...

Currently we're using .45 Adventure rules from ratrap productions.

They're streamlined enough to give a well paced game and hold enough detail to keep it interesting.

Once you throw a little roleplay flexability in it makes for a good system.

The character creation is a breeze too.