Sunday, 31 January 2010

Week 2 - Sunday 31st Jan 2010

Week 2 over and again I've not got a lot done.

Thats the problem with having too many hobbies, its easy to get distracted.

However with a slightly fruitful weekend I've managed to get a little done on my new generic pulp terrain.

Here are the test pieces finished earlier today:

Wow..coool!! I here you cry, but what the hell are they for?

Well for things like this really:

Indy investigates a ancient jungle temple, or even:

Indy cautiously decends an ancient stairway through the mountains.

Over all this terrain is there to give height to the table rather than be stand alone scenery. Once you mix some props in with it I'm expecting to be able to make anything from sewers to ancient temples all using just one main box of terrain and a selection of "setting" pieces.

So far I've managed to build this much:

Its about enough to cover about a square foot of board with multiple levels. I've got some more 3 level high blocks in the works plus some edging blocks to allow the terrain to be used as risers for some mountain sides.

I'll also be branching out into adding some of the setting terrain now I've unpacked a lot of my bits boxes.

Any how for this week thats it.

Tune in next Sunday and I hope to have all this lot completed.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ok week one finish:

Progress; not a lot.

Still working on sorting out my new house so not a lot of progress this week.

I have managed to start some new Pulp terrain in the form of blocky levels to be used for rail stations, underground stations, indoor ruins and temple blocks.

These are built from a rather fancy material I've found via Antenociti's Workshop called Foamed PVC, its around 3mm thick but much easier to cut than standard plasticard sheet but much stronger than foam-core. I think I'm now a fan.

Click the following link for the product:

The tops and sides are being covered in embossed styrene and engraved into 30mm squares for ease of gaming.

I've 4 sections built and pieces cut for around another 4 plus some steps.

However I'm running short on styrene and only have 1 sheet of foamed pvc left so looks like I need to stick an order in for more.

I plan to have the whole lot built by next sunday so watch this space.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

2010... The beginning

New house, New Job... Old hobby...

On the flip side its about time I started to really get my head down and get some stuff sorted. Too many projects, too many mad ideas and not enough time.

2010 is the year of the plan.. Honest

Projects for 2010:

Indiana Jones style tomb raiding pulp miniatures.
  • New miniatures:
  • Ze Germans
  • Cairo Crowds
  • Jungle natives
  • Cairo constabulary
  • Pirates
New pulp locations:
  • Jungle Temple
  • Rail Station
  • Sewer
  • Museum
  • Docks
  • Warehouse
  • Library
  • Boat Deck


  • Encounter Card Set
  • Clue Card Set
  • Encounter Markers
  • Traps
Sci-Fi Battlesuit combat
8 foot combat suits, bristling with weapons to fight it out in detailed skirmish style urban combat.

Battlesuit combat miniatures (conversions/scratch builds)
  • 4 Heavy Suits
  • 4 Medium Suits
  • 4 Scout Suits
Battlesuit combat rules (only about 2 years in the writing but I will finish them one day)

So just 2 projects to start the year on.

I'm going to try very very hard not to stray, money is tight which may actually be a bonus so we'll see how it goes.

Oh only last promise I'm going to make this year:
  • Regular Blog updates - Every Sunday