Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

Well for once I've had plenty of painting time and managed to finish off a fair old few miniatures. Here's what we have so far:

The Good...

Priest from Rezolution

Cleaned off the tech bits from around his head but otherwise unmodified.

Man in Black from EM4

Corporate Trooper from EM4

Corporate Security Guards from Heresy Miniatures

Repost from last time as I didn't take a close up.

Ray and Ashley from Hasslefree Miniatures

Another Repost mainly as I've gone to town with some Tamiya Clear Red. Not uite happy with the results but they do look more like zombie killers.

Van Zant from Infinity Miniatures

The pic is a little dark so the details doesn't really show well but this little swine took the best part of 5 hours on Sat to paint, his camo trousers taking up much of that time. Anyhow for those who like me liked Reign of Fire this miniature is the business.

The Bad and the Ugly...

Zombies from Wizkids

Repainted Horrorclix miniatures from Wizkids. They're a little out of scale but will do as you can buy them for less than 50p each. They still need basing and gore adding but I'll wait till I have a bunch of them to do.

Demonic Dogs from Heresy Miniatures

Had these miniatures sat in a box for several years now and I absolutely adore them. They're truely monsterous, the bases they're on are 50mm wide... Must go and find some Ghostbusters miniatures now.

Giant Worm from Wizards of the Coast

Repainted miniature from Wizards D&D range, the idea from this has been blatently ripped off someone else - I'd love to credit them for the idea but I have no idea where I found it. Anyway if this was your idea many thanks.

So what next?

We'll thats it for the moment, My painting desk is strangely, nothing else prepped for painting. Handily I had an order turn up from Andy Heresy the other day so plenty to be getting on with.

I'm going to tray and start organising miniautres into forces for a game I'm working on. The rules currently are in the draft stages and have most of the mechanics sorted out. I'm heading towards a proper skirmish game - up to 10 models a side and massive flexability when it comes to creating the characters for your force. Not much more I can say at the minute as they're mostly written on scraps of paper I find laying about when I have an idea; I really must get round to typing them up.

Anyhow that the lot for now.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Out with the Old...

... In with the new

Well once again I've had a project I got bored of within the 1st month.. I'm blaming this on on 2 very delayed rule books and I still have not received the Chariot Wars Army Lists even though I ordered 4 weeks ago. So my Warhammer Ancients Myceneaens have been shelved for the moment.

After a rummage through my unfinished projects box, sat down painted to my hearts content over the weekend and produced:

Wot you can't see them.... Hows about:
And other Close ups:
On the Left Draegyn the Black Bastard from Privateer Press - Originally bought to be a vampire when I sat down to paint him he seemed to remind me more of a modern day Van-Helsing... Only noticed when I took the pics I've forgotten to paint his eyes.. I'll sort that out later on.
In the middle the Lovely Ashley Campbell From Hasslefree miniatures. A stunningly fine detailed model from Kev White, tried to keep the colours quite simple to show off the T-Shirt design and Chainsaw...
Finally on the right Ray again from Hasslefree, again a top quality sculpt and nice and easy to paint, didn't do anything fancy here just kept it plain and simple. I'm pondering covering him in blood but really hate dirtying up miniatures I've just given a clean paint job too.
And also:
Alfonso from Black Scorpion Miniatures, picked this guy up at Sheffield Triples last year as he just looks rock hard. Thought he'd make a great survivor for zombie games, a real gung-ho hero to get the rest of the guys through. Kept the paint job dark, mostly black and brown glazed gently to give it a little sheen to try and suggest leather (hasn't come out well on the photo)
Photos of the other guys didn't come out too well and my cameras now on charge. Photos of them to come later.
Now I've got some miniatures painted up what am I doing with them?
To be truthful I've no idea, took a look at ATZ (all things Zombie) but I don't like the system that much, Occult wars it too much role play for my liking so if anyone has any genius ideas for good systems to game modern Horror (must also include, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, hunters, the church, aliens and random monsters) feel free to give me a shout.
Any how got some demons from Heresy miniatures half painted so I'm back to painting them, more pics soon.

Friday, 29 June 2007

1st Few miniatures finished

Success, managed to finish my 1st few mycenaeans today, really just the bases needed to be done.
So that's the 1st 10 done, only another 80 or so to paint... Now I've managed to get some fully painted and based it seems that the 1/72 miniatures look fine based up for WAB. So I'll be cracking on with them over the weekend to try and add another 10 including command to the unit.

Still awaiting my WAB book, which I ordered earlier this week, today's damn postal strike has delayed my book for another day. Fingers crossed it'll arrive in the morning.

I also need to figure out what to use for the Mycenaean chariots as Caeser have not yet released theirs as yet. The only ones I can figure is to use the Mitannian Chariots they've already released:

Unfortunately from the little I know about Mycenaean Chariots the horses should not be decorated to this level, the shape is roughly right for the type of chariots used at the time. Off to investigate some more options for chariot/horse choices.

Some reference material below, I can live with not getting a chariot with 4 spokes as in the mycenaean art work.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

My love of plastic soldiers...

I rediscovered 1/72 plastic soldiers late last year... 15 years of gaming and the thought never struck me to go out and buy some to game with... and lord knows why. They are most certianly the cheapest gaming option out there at a mere £5.00 for some 40+ models. Modern plastics are extremely well detailed, the ranges available are vast and there's a long list of boxes in the pipeline.

So whats the down side....

We'll they're more than a drag to paint, too fiddly and in all truth they can be quite dull en masse. They are also made of a flexable plastic which I find causes problems with flaking whilst painting.

Other than that they're a steal.

So what an I using them for I hear you cry.

Firstly we have last years project, Warmaster Napoleonics, a few tweeks to the system and it seems to work quite well. 120 French troops painted and based in a little over 3 months. Good going for me, although I never want to pain blue again!

Now more recently I'm back into Ancients, with the releases from ceaser tugging at my wallet I caved in and bought several boxes. The plan was to use warmaster rules once again, scaled up a little with added flavour but after testing out the changes last weekend that plan was shelved. Now it's going to be WAB (Warhammer Ancient Battles) this should make life easy as I collected and gamed various GW products for a long time so the rules shouldn't be too hard to pick back up.

So now may I present to you my 1/72 WAB Myceneans... Or at least some of them

Still have some final bits to sort out (the bases for starters) and also the unfortunate fact that none of them have spears or javalins... Going to have to study those army lists and then do a few modifications.

You'll see more soon.

1st Blog

We'll thats it, I've finally gone down the dark path and started my own blog. Hopefully I'll be interesting and fingers crossed someone out there deems this worth reading.... or otherwise has nothing better to do with their time than read my drivel...

We you may have noticed from the title that this is a wargaming blog... I've always got painting, terrain and other miniature related projects on the go so I thought I'd share a few of them with the world.

Right then.. off to find my camera to grab some pictures of some of the projects sitting on my workbench at the moment.

Bye for now.