Sunday, 16 May 2010

Final Game - Into The Temple

Slight delay in posting this, I've had a busy few weeks and only now had time to sit down and pit finger to keyboard.

The heroes descend a flight of moss covered steps into the cool underground tomb. From deep within the cavern the heroes can make out an ominous roar. Perhaps it is just wind rushing through the tunnels, the heroes unperturbed push onwards, keep to discover the tombs secrets.

The first 100 paces or so goes well, the heroes stumble across an abandoned camp and rooting around in the leftovers manage to find some medical supplies to patch up their wounds.
Jasper always keen to get our heroes into trouble takes the lead and begins to sniff around an old doorway...

Out of the shadows beyond the doorway steps a sole jungle warrior, possibly one of the tombs guardians. The warrior was clearly far from dangerous and was dispatched with little effort by our heroes.

Onwards they push until the captain stumbles across not one but two problems, several mighty sections of masonry fall from the roof, narrowly avoiding the Captain, who in his haste to leap free caught the trigger for a lethal spike trap.

Not only was the Captain injured by the spikes but he also now appears to be trapped behind the rest of the heroes.

Dirk searches around for something to help his old companion out with only to stumble upon two deadly giant centipedes. This time they are not so easily dealt with and the centipedes chew rather large holes in both Dirk and Jasper. Eventually the good Doctor deals with the situation but not before poor Jasper of heavily wounded, the poor dog falls to the floor blood gushing from a dozen bites.

Dirk pushes on, knowing that it could all be for nowt if he fails to find anything of value.

As Dirk rounds the corner the source of the ominous roaring presents itself. The Heroes appeared to have triggered an ancient trap and the temple is beginning to fill with water. With 2 Pedestals with ceremonial ornaments in sight Dirk throws caution to the wind and rushed over, dangerously close to the water.

Filling every pocket with these valuable items Dirk waits for the last possible second before escaping.

The Captain, freed from his situation makes his way down to Dirk, on the way he spots several tunnels Dirk failed to notice in his haste. Giving several of them the once over he feels a slight breeze coming from one tunnel, yelling to Dirk to head this way our two heroes make their way out of the temple. Poor Jasper was left to his fate.

Post Game Report:

Considering this was the least planned game, that I forgot to introduce 2 more villains half way through and that the water filling the tomb was made up the day before the game was ran I feel that it went fairly well.

The main comments that came out of our after game chat was about more RP elements, and multiple solutions, much like the fast lane/slow lane from the previous game.

In this instance, a broken bridge to jump across, some vines for our heroes to clamber up etc.

Personally I was mostly disappointed I'd not done something more with the temple guardian concept and put together some other warriors who could have been the boss characters for our heroes to beat. Thus is the problem with planning these games, there's always something you come up with either when it's too late to do anything about it or more usually mid game.

Going forward the squared terrain worked wonderfully, it's  handle traps easily, works with ranges well and takes away pesky tape measures meaning you can just get on with the action.

All this new terrain is multi-use and much of it will see action again in future games.

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