Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Game 2 - Chase Through the Swamps

Our heroes try grab a little breathing space and a shelter from the incoming storm, but it is cut short by the sound of approaching feet, the Jungle natives appear to have caught up and the heroes must go on the run once again. Barely a few steps into the thick jungle the heroes stumble pon a stagnent swamp criss crossed with dangerous looking causeways. With little time to think they push on forward.

Special Rules:
Woah Slippery - The wooden Causeways are covered in slime and jungle detritus and are dangerous underfoot. If the heroes try to move more than 3 squares on the causeways they must take an immediate dodge roll or fall over.

The heroes must escape the swamp and head into the mountains.

Initial Set up:

The Game Begins, our heroes only have a slight headstart on the Jungle warriors, they must make best their escape.

The heroes quickly get ahead after carefully navigating the first set of causeways. Jasper proves difficult to control and dashes off to take on the Jungle Warriors crossing the causeway behind the heroes. In the distance several bow armed jungle warriors take pot shots at our heroes across the fetid swamp.

More savages appear, the heroes appear to be surrounded. However all it not lost, after a frantic melee several of the Jungle warriors flee blindly into their own poisoned dart trap and suffer painful deaths (the statue markers on the right hand side of the above picture marked the area)

With the Jungle warriors dispatched Dirk makes a run for solid ground only to stumble into a Giant Centipede nest. Two of the huge beasts rear their heads to attack but without dropping a heartbeat Dirk fired off two shots from his shotgun at close range, turning the creatures into little more than goo.

With no hostiles in sight our heroes made their get away into the mountains taking some time to rest and patch up their injuries.

Whilst Camp was made Dirk took the time to look back through the note book found amongst the recovered equipment, the book holds notes speaking of an underground tomb with untold riches hidden within these very mountains, when morning comes our heroes will investigate further...

To Be Continued...

Post Game report:
This game played out at qite a pace and from the lack of photos we were clearly distracted by the action. overall everything worked quite well. The heroes took several injuries, whilst none were truely life threatening they would start the next adventure with some wounds (they were allowed to remove 1 level of wound from each location). The Giant Centipedes appeared to be the most ineffective creatures encountered. It was truely a bit of an anti-climax when they appeared only to be instantly blown away (this was their first outing too)

We both felt this scenario played out a little better than the first one, and it was all round a little more fun. The heroes had a harder time, at one point they were surrounded by 8 1/2 Grade enemies which looked like it may have been a little too much to handle, handily all the heroes involved had fairly good combat skills and managed to fight them all off.

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