Saturday, 26 May 2012

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Well I was actually back hours ago but since the house was empty I decided to get a little painting done.

So how was triples? Overall busier than last year I felt and certainly more inspiring, though that's probably as I'm a bit more into gaming again this year. A couple of nice demo games and displays on, most notably the Empire of the Dead demo table, a lovely Victorian street scene with Holmes and Watson desperately chasing down Jack the Ripper before he kills more victims. I didn't get a game but the one I watched seemed fun, ending with success on the final turn for Holmes and Watson. System appeared simple enough and the figures are pretty cool, I'm not sure how well it would work without crafted scenarios like this one but I may take a look at it later in the year.

Some shots of the table:


The buildings appeared to be a mix of Sarissa and Warbases with some scratch built stuff.

Finally a scratch built Hansom Cab Walker, apparently from a robotech walker and Westwind's own Hansom 

What did I actually buy then? 

Well to be honest not a lot, I didn't really go to get much more to get out of the house for a day and take a peek at a few games and miniatures. 

I picked up the following from GZG for a new 15mm Sci-Fi project we're starting this year: 

I've already ordered a couple of Rebel Minis Walkers from the US and I'm going to get a platoon of Khurasan Recon ARC Troopers next month. 

I also picked up some very nice transfers for a Greek Myth project I'm working on (more on that soon) and finally a couple of paints and some tokens for the previously mentioned Myth project. 

I'm going to have to pick up some of these laser cut buildings later in the year when I've cleared a couple of projects, they seem perfect for both my usual pulp gaming and if I do start Victorian Horror gaming.

Anyhow ta-ta for now

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Back again

Well after a somewhat failed 2011 in gaming land I'm finally getting back into it in a decent way.

Much of the impetus for my gaming has come from my long suffering brother. His own blog has reminded me i need to get more painted and a challenge from a work mate has driven me to get the gaming brain back on and find some time for it.

So what's the last 12 months brought then? Well for starters I'm now a dad, I've a lovely 4 month old daughter who I've been banned front ever teaching to game. Thus had some what constrained hobby time and so i had to make sonera cuts and eventually ditched other hobbies in favour of gaming and painting.

This last year has also brought me a new gaming buddy, with young daughter and not living that close to any gaming clubs this is a bit of a blessing. James is however interested in GW games so I'll have to beat that out of him. We've mainly been playing through relatively new angels20 from axis and allies miniatures, its a surprisingly good little game. The rules are a bit better thought out than most pre painted cmg games but simple enough we managed to get a good grasp of them in the first session.

Pic below of one of our games.

Bye for now but I'll be back soon with updates from other projects.