Monday, 20 May 2013

Recent Painting

There's been a few bits across the painting table over the past few weeks, not as much as I managed over winter but I've been catching up on various series of stuff and generally enjoying what little warm weather we've had in the UK.

Most recently I've just finished some crates of rifles from Ainsty Casting, I thought these would make some excellent plot points for pulp alley, stolen weapons? experimental rifles? or even just evidence of a lost camp.  Very quick paint job, based on 40mm mdf bases with just a little foliage to keep them useful for different areas.

Next I've some wonderful luggage from 6milphil on the lead adventure forums, these were brilliant casts and took an age to paint as I wanted really diverse luggage rather than painting them all in similar colours. Items based on 40mm round or 25mm round bases are ment as plot points and the rest just as drop terrain. 

Finally I've a Heresy Miniatures Ogre, this guys been in a box for years but since a friend of mine recently mentioned fantasy gaming I was digging through some piles of unpainted stuff and found him. He made a nice change from painting historical miniatures and I just love the attitude.

I've just finished some tentacles and am painting up some Ainsty trade goods at the moment for more pulp gaming, will grab some pics when I have a minute. 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sheffield Triples 2013

It's triples weekend and since its only about 40 mins away it would be rude not to go, unfortunately I knew I was going to be on a strict budget, I've a stack of salute purchases I've done nothing with so I wasn't too bothered.

I was really there to take a peek at the games and nosy around a little for ideas for pulp gaming mostly.

Seemed like a pretty full show, only 1 trader appeared not to make it, but there were a few noticeably absent from the circuit too, no em4 who I am sure have been at triples every other year i have been, this was a little annoying as I was after some bits from them.

There games looked good, there were a couple of really nice big display games, really nice looking Mediterranean town here:

Some lovely ruins on this 20mm WW2 board

Several wild west games, one from great escape games new game

And what appeared to be cowboys vs zombies

There was this excellent Madmax game, with its own sound and lighting rig and a dozen guys dressed the part.

I picked up just a few bits, spending a little over a tenner on myself and picked up some bits for my brother under the general request of stuff for objectives and plot points for north Africa.

Pretty good day all in all and I got home all enthused and managed to finish off some bits of terrain for pulp gaming and some Victorian steampunk miniatures which I'll also be using pulp alley rules with.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Hobby downtime

I've been on a bit of a hobby downtime recently, a combination of decent UK weather, catching up on loads of DVDs and the beginning of steampunk season have kept me away from the painting table.

This week I'm handily away from home on a conference and so as there is little to do in a hotel room I've a few miniatures to paint. Just kicking out the start of my Victorian/Steampunk gang for whatever ruleset we pick up. I've selected a techno-magi theme to allow me to bring in some interesting miniatures the line up so far is:

Ramos the steampunk sorcerer from Wyrd Miniatures, he will be one of the main heroes in the group.

Next up is one of his creations, a stream-arachnid, a lurching steam powered metal monstrosity.

The position of his henchmen will be filled nicely with Artisan Designs Pinkerton detectives, they look subtle enough that they can sneak around the crowded streets of London for filling their masters bidding without bringing too much attention to his work.

I have a load of tentacles from GWs new Vortex Beast I have based up to be some horrific monster summoned from below, dependent on the ruleset this can either be an in game ability or an objective for the game.

I also have this lovely lady from cool mini or not, she is however over 35mm tall and may not make the final gang. As she is a resin miniature with really fine legs she may also be too delicate for heavy duty gaming. 

Once we've picked a ruleset I'll flesh out the group a little more, I fancy some more arachnids, perhaps a couple of swarms of the little ones from wyrd minis. I also fancy some of the freicorps also from wyrd.

*Little disclaimer I have just nabbed the above pics from across the internet, no claim on their copyright is claimed and if you have any issues with my using the images please just message me.