Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Dangerous Encounters

Late post again mainly due to busy weekend. This weeks main subject was some of the more dangerous markers for my next adventure. These will serve 2 purposes, firstly to be an obsticle to avoid when first uncovered and then a number of encounters will become blocking terrain and placed on the board.

Hopefully these will give the adventures some colour and excitement in an Indy Jones style.

First up are some Spike traps, very simple to make, just some BBQ sqewers cut down to size and roughtly sharpened. These were bedded into some mulliput on top of 2p pieces to give them strength and a little weight. Quick paint job then static grass, leaf scatter and some gore.

Next up are some Carved native statues, again ment for multiple uses as traps (in this case poisoned dart spitting traps) and also for markers to be clues in a later advanture.

These were made from Fimo, roughly shaped into tree trunk shapes with a little texture, baked and then the faces were carefully carved with a sharp knife. This appeared to give a better more defined look than just sculpting the faces. After carving the 1st face (back left) I decided to move towards a much simpler look for the rest. Simple paintjob along with grass and scatter once again.

I'm half tempted to add some warpaint to the faces to make them a little more fierce but am not sure yet.

The final Traps this week are some rock fall markers, to be used for collapsing temple roofs and dangerously unstable mountain sides they'll be a dangerous encounter for the heroes.

Made from left over slate and rubble that I chucked in a box after another project, they're based on 25mm round bases (mainly as I had some in a box and no 2p coins spare, I may also change these to be based on coins for confirmity)

Grey heavy drybrush paintjob along with black and brown washed and some drybrished highlights keep these fairly quick to paint.

The only other project completed this week was some wooden causeways for my swamp. These were made from matchsticks and no more nails, and nothing else. Sprayed black and drybruched with various browns.

A quick set up so you can see how I' using them, this board is around 2 foot square (actually 60cmx60cm) to give you an idea of size.

I've also had a chance to pen down some of my scenarios, for the moment I'll reveal only the titles:

  • Scenario 1: Shipwrecked!

  • Scenario 2: Escape through the Swamps

  • Scenario 3: Into the Mountains..

  • Scenario 4: An Abandoned Tomb!
Thats my lot for this week, I'm putting together some of my villains so I'll not have any more terrain ready for next week but I may have some pics of them.

p.s. Apologies for any spelling mistakes in this one, rushed writing it to get it out tonight.

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