Thursday, 6 May 2010

Game 3 - Hunt in the Mountains


With time to recover after their flights through the swamp our heroes entered the mountains fully rested and took their time to scout the area a little. The route into the mountains appeared to loop around a deep canyon, although not noticed on their first look at the pass there is a dangerous looking rope bridge spanning the canyon. On the far side of the canyon several warriors could be seen patrolling the mountainside.

The heroes must cross the canyon deal with the warriors on the other side and search the mountains for the entrance to the tomb mentioned in Dirk's notebook.

An early test set up of the board, modified for the actual game to give more choice to the heroes.

The Game begins:

Dirk and Jasper take the long route on solid ground, the Captain however feels daring and moves slowly across the bridge, cunningly timing his arrival to be between 2 patrolling warriors.

Dirk and Jasper however run straight into trouble, stumbling upon 2 Native warriors who charge at them from the long grass.

Jasper is spooked by the sudden encounter but Dirk makes short work of the first warrior with his revolver as the second warrior bears down on him.

Jasper continues his run of bad luck leaping past the good doctor and straight into a rather nasty spike trap.

The trap appears to finish off poor Jasper and so Dirk steps forward to investigate a possible entrance to the tomb. As Dirk tries the get a closer look a huge shadow falls over him and the largest savage he's ever laid eyes on steps out of the shadows and forces him back into a perilous duel in an area infested with deadly spike traps.

The combat swayed backwards and forwards several times but finally Dirk gained the upper hand, tired and bloody he finishes off the chief and meeting up with the captain the two set out to uncover the tomb entrance.

Poor jasper is a mess, but the loyal companion manages to hang on for just one more advanture. The captain was relatively unscaithed and Dirk only had minor cuts and bruises to contend with as they stumbled into a darkened tomb...

Post Game Report:
Another strong game, the use of a fast but dangerous route verses a slower but less dangerous one appeared to work well and has given me plenty of ideas for the future.

The Jungle Warriors were getting a little dull by now, being grade 1/2 characters they didn't really put up much of a fight and only scored a few wounds on the heroes.

The Grade 2 Tribal Chieftain did put up a decent fight and his poisoned weapon almost caused a problem for Dirk. In the future I think I'll try and use more grades of enemy, perhaps some grade 1 elite warriors and several grade 2 character enemies.

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Phil said...

Nice write-up, cheers Bro. Twas a very successful weekend of gaming, thanks for all your effort.

Anyway, should head back to work on my wild west buildings...