Monday, 28 June 2010

Gah 2 months and no updates!

What have I been doing with myself...

Well aside from it being one of the hottest Summers the UK has had in recent times I have actually had some time for some modelling.

At our trip to Salute back in April my Bro and I decided to give LoTOW another run as we rather enjoyed it a few years ago when we first tried it. It was another of those projects that got put to one side and never picked up again. However after passing by the Black Scorpion Stand at Salute it became clear that the next project was to be Cowboys or Pirates... As we already had LoTOW rules and some minis we went for the Western Theme and picked up Blood on the Plains as well.

I went for the fantastic Mexicans from Black Scorpion (which are almost painted so I'll post em soon.)

With a lack of terrain and a plan to meet in early July for a game we had little time to prep. Splitting it up we decided to both build 5 buildings and some extras... My Brother managed a building or two when I last spoke to him but did have a load of street debris type terrain, I on the other hand had the 5 buildings done but nowt else.

Even so we should have enought terrain for some decent shootouts.

"Stop ya blathering and show us some pics!" I hear you cry. Ok then I will....

These are fairly basic builds with an even more basic paintjob and no detailing yet, the games are planned for this weekend so I was running very short on time.

Not overly happy with the paint job but it will suffice. Just got some signs
to do for the front and thats them finished.

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Anonymous said...

The paint job if Phenomenal! keep up the good work!