Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Yet More Progress

What a week, I'm getting a good run on finishing left over projects and managed to kick out a monstrously large creature tonight in under 2 hours.

First up are some Westwind Armoured Panzer Grenadiers, I'm not totally happy with the shade of gray for these but as I'm in a hurry I'm going to leave them as is for the moment whilst I finish off a number of other projects. The Squad includes a couple of flame throwers and a lovely anti-mech panzershrek. This'll make my brother think twice about fielding armoured suits.

Next up we have a Wolvensoldat, originally painted for modern horror the camo isn't quite right for WW2 but I don't think it looks too off. I was aiming for the darker skin colouring of films like underworld, not sure how well it works as there is very little difference from shade to highlight. Again I may revisit this when I have more time. 

Finally I have the Doomtrooper, a genetically engineered super beast, in real life he's a lot less green than this picture makes out, I'm quite impressed that I managed this beast in around 2 hours. For anyone who's spotted it it's actually a warmachine Trollblood miniature, I spent a long long time sanding off all the spikes on his back and rebuilding the muscles. I'm pretty happy with the final result.

Next up I've some Battlesuits, other bio mechanical monstrosities  a couple of specials and some guard dogs. Then it's back to terrain if the parts arrive in time.

Oh and I ordered the wrong bleeding Jarvis mat which has left me a little peeved, got a spring one rather than a summer mix so it doesn't match any of my bases. New order placed for the right one this time.


Curt C said...

Cool stuff! I really like the last beastie though I think your flash may be doing your painting a diservice.

James Brewerton said...

great looking figures, do like to see these weird WW2 bits another period that fires my imagination but the age old wargamer problem too many periods too little time. As for the flash have you tried not using the flash at putting a couple of your painting lamps over the figures.
Peace James
Exiles Painting

Phyllion said...

Or use a makeshift flash diffuser. I've seen a recommendation of a Pringles lid. I use a small round Opaque Tupperware lid.

It really helped my mini photography (though there is always room for improvement!)

Gharak said...

Yeah, unfortunately it was late and i was being lazy with the photography so just used my phone camera.

I'll need to sort something out ibm time for the painting competition to ensure i can get better results.

May try the diffusion if my lamp doesn't do it.