Friday, 14 December 2012

More Weird WW2 miniatures

What a week, I'm really chuffed with the amount of progress I've made. Though I must ensure I don't burn out pre-painting competition.

Tonight I managed to get a couple of mastiffs done, I went with a fairly classic cream coat with black face and ears and I think they came out rather well. These will be great for guard dogs in both our WWW2 games and for more general pulp gaming.

I also finished off and based one of my FeuerSoldats, I would have painted 2 but the other one has mysteriously gone missing so for now I'll just have this guy.

Sine quite a few people commented on the poor photo's from last time I snapped a couple of repeat shots of the miniatures from last time. Firstly the Doom Trooper, still appearing quite green but much more representative of the paint job I did.

Then we have the armoured panzergrenadiers, the main group with experimental assault rifles and an anti mech rocket.

Then the second group with Flamethrowers. 

I've managed to finish an NCO miniature but for some reason on every single photo I took his face was blurred. Clearly there's something mystical going on and I took it to be a sign that he wasn't going to make it onto tonights blog.

Thats the lot for the moment, I started on a couple of heavily armoured suits in classic German Panzer Grey, they should be finished by the end of the weekend.


Curt C said...

Lovely work! Are those mastiffs from Warlord? Must get some.

Also, much nicer shot of your big beastie, he looks brilliant as well.

Gharak said...

Thanks Curt, they are indeed from Warlord Games, I got a pack of mastiffs and some wolf hounds and the mastiffs are clearly the better models.

I think I'll paint a couple more in the next month, I'm sure they count as historical miniatures.