Friday, 7 December 2012

The Challenge is on...

Following an unsuccessful year I thought I'd kickstart my 2013 by entering the Analogue Hobbies 3rd Annual Painting Competition:

For those of you who don't know about it it is essentially a 3 month long paintathon where points are awarded for output. Last years entries were great with some entrants breaking the 1000 points barrier (5 points are awarded for each 28mm miniature for reference)

So whats my plan?

I'd like to think I can reach 500 points over the 3 month period, that's only 100 28mm miniatures or 34 miniatures a month, easy... honest.

Poking about in my boxes of unfinished project (which actually I have surprisingly little of really) I find I have the following:

  • Old west banditos (which can be added to the Blackwater Gulch ones I'm expecting to arrive shortly)
  • Greeks and a handful of Minoans for my somewhat stalled Aegeus Game (though I can't paint the beasties for this challenge as it's historicals only)
  • Handful of Pulp characters I've not gotten around to yet.
  • A whole Anglo-Dane Saga warband (unfortunately there was an accident with a can of spray which ruined a good number of them and put me off painting them but I hope to salvage a chunk of them for this challenge)
  • Victorian Steampunk minis for Empire of the Dead (Whilst not strictly historical I may be able to get away with painting the humans) 
  • Some more French Napoleonics (Old Guard, Artillery, some characters)

I would also like to get the following sorted out, which means a few purchases:

  • More French Line and Voltigeurs for my Naps
  • An opposing force for my WW2 Germans (as my bro has brits I may do some US Army)
  • Some more Germans
  • Always more 1930s pulpy goodness, I'm short of River Pirates, Some Russians, Some Turks and some generic tribesmen.
As I've some stuff already I'll probably pick up a few bits before the month is out to prep over the holiday period when I'm away and then get stuck in finishing stuff off.

There'll also be another update before the weekend is out on my WWW2 Terrain bits which are about half painted at the moment. 


Phyllion said...

Good luck brother.

US army eh? I still bagsie those Offensive paras, random packs or no.

Curt C said...

500 points is a very good target. I'll pencil that in for you. If you change your mind just let me know before the 20th