Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Weird and Wonderful..

My final couple of figures for our upcoming Weird WW2 game were finished earlier tonight. I'm really chuffed with the progress I've made of the past few weeks and hope I can keep up this level of productiveness throughout the 3 months of the painting competition.

Even with the Doom Trooper, Wolvensoldat and FeuerSoldat I felt there wasn't quite enough weirdness in my German force so I've added the following:

These armoured battle suits are the pinnacle of German engineering, each one piloted by an elite German soldier they are capable of dishing out tremendous firepower with their duel sub-machine guns or wading into close combat with their boosted strengh. Each suit can sustain a tremendous amount damage before becoming inoperative and  their rocket powered pack helps them move the heavy suits around the field of battle quickly. 

The suits are actually American suits from Dust Tactics, I really liked the shape and with a traditional Panzer Grey colour scheme and a few decals the seem to really look the part. I do have a 3rd suit but it's running and I didn't like the pose too much, I also only had 2 of these 40mm bases so I left him out for the moment.

And finally there are the experimental Kampfdrohnes, bio-mechanical horrors from deep within the laboratory  these barely living creatures shamble forwards following their pre-conditioned orders and are able to take damage that would normally destroy the human body. They feel little pain and often return to the front quickly even driven off.

The miniatures are Scrap Thralls from Warmachine, no modifications just a more Germanic paint job, I tried to echo the colours my Brother painted on the jackets of my early war Germans.

And that pretty much it for this project, I'm still hoping that Wayland Games pulls it's finger out and gets me the Cloning Tanks from Westwind before Christmas as I may just get them done in time but I hold little hope of that now. So far I'm not impressed with Wayland's Customer service, they sat on my order since the 2nd December without informing me that they no longer had the item in stock and I only found out when I followed up my order with them. I always got much better service at Malestrom Games so I will miss that going forwards. 

Next up I've a load of 1930s figures I've just found in a box which need cleaning up, basing and undercoating prior to the Painting Competition so far I've over 150 points ready to paint, I'm pretty shure Christmas will provide some more and there's the SAGA minis I'm so desperately ignoring following the incident with the undercoat as I suspect many will need replacing. 

Thats if for now, I may have another update on boards and terrain in the next week but since I'm away from Friday that is looking unlikely. 

Have a good Christmas all and I hope it is filled with miniature goodness. 

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Phyllion said...

Hummm, you have way more weirdness than I!