Thursday, 28 June 2007

My love of plastic soldiers...

I rediscovered 1/72 plastic soldiers late last year... 15 years of gaming and the thought never struck me to go out and buy some to game with... and lord knows why. They are most certianly the cheapest gaming option out there at a mere £5.00 for some 40+ models. Modern plastics are extremely well detailed, the ranges available are vast and there's a long list of boxes in the pipeline.

So whats the down side....

We'll they're more than a drag to paint, too fiddly and in all truth they can be quite dull en masse. They are also made of a flexable plastic which I find causes problems with flaking whilst painting.

Other than that they're a steal.

So what an I using them for I hear you cry.

Firstly we have last years project, Warmaster Napoleonics, a few tweeks to the system and it seems to work quite well. 120 French troops painted and based in a little over 3 months. Good going for me, although I never want to pain blue again!

Now more recently I'm back into Ancients, with the releases from ceaser tugging at my wallet I caved in and bought several boxes. The plan was to use warmaster rules once again, scaled up a little with added flavour but after testing out the changes last weekend that plan was shelved. Now it's going to be WAB (Warhammer Ancient Battles) this should make life easy as I collected and gamed various GW products for a long time so the rules shouldn't be too hard to pick back up.

So now may I present to you my 1/72 WAB Myceneans... Or at least some of them

Still have some final bits to sort out (the bases for starters) and also the unfortunate fact that none of them have spears or javalins... Going to have to study those army lists and then do a few modifications.

You'll see more soon.


MaksimSmelchak said...

Hi G.,

Cool blog. I'll try to remember to link to you later today.

More photos, please!


tim said...

Welcome to blogging!

Nice stuff! You are hereby bookmarked!

I'll second Maksim's request; more photos, please! I love blogs with lots of pictures of toys!



El Grego said...


You've got a good start to your blog - bookmarked!


p.s. you might want to add'word verification' to the Comments area; this will help prevent spammage...

legatushedlius said...

I have found this blogging thing addictive as you can see by the number I have on my profile! I have found it concentrates my efforts(which I certainly need!)and enjoy completing figures so I can put them online (even if no one looks at them!)

Keep it up!

Oscar1986 said...

sweet blog,lots of cool stuff check my new blog out i love any feedback from other bloggers :)

Cameron said...

May I see more photos of your painted 1/72 scale Mycenaeans? I am starting on a Trojan War project using the same miniatures.