Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Out with the Old...

... In with the new

Well once again I've had a project I got bored of within the 1st month.. I'm blaming this on on 2 very delayed rule books and I still have not received the Chariot Wars Army Lists even though I ordered 4 weeks ago. So my Warhammer Ancients Myceneaens have been shelved for the moment.

After a rummage through my unfinished projects box, sat down painted to my hearts content over the weekend and produced:

Wot you can't see them.... Hows about:
And other Close ups:
On the Left Draegyn the Black Bastard from Privateer Press - Originally bought to be a vampire when I sat down to paint him he seemed to remind me more of a modern day Van-Helsing... Only noticed when I took the pics I've forgotten to paint his eyes.. I'll sort that out later on.
In the middle the Lovely Ashley Campbell From Hasslefree miniatures. A stunningly fine detailed model from Kev White, tried to keep the colours quite simple to show off the T-Shirt design and Chainsaw...
Finally on the right Ray again from Hasslefree, again a top quality sculpt and nice and easy to paint, didn't do anything fancy here just kept it plain and simple. I'm pondering covering him in blood but really hate dirtying up miniatures I've just given a clean paint job too.
And also:
Alfonso from Black Scorpion Miniatures, picked this guy up at Sheffield Triples last year as he just looks rock hard. Thought he'd make a great survivor for zombie games, a real gung-ho hero to get the rest of the guys through. Kept the paint job dark, mostly black and brown glazed gently to give it a little sheen to try and suggest leather (hasn't come out well on the photo)
Photos of the other guys didn't come out too well and my cameras now on charge. Photos of them to come later.
Now I've got some miniatures painted up what am I doing with them?
To be truthful I've no idea, took a look at ATZ (all things Zombie) but I don't like the system that much, Occult wars it too much role play for my liking so if anyone has any genius ideas for good systems to game modern Horror (must also include, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, hunters, the church, aliens and random monsters) feel free to give me a shout.
Any how got some demons from Heresy miniatures half painted so I'm back to painting them, more pics soon.

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Little Bro said...

Argh, now im going to have to pick up a motley collection of vampires, demons and people with makeshift weapons! You and your projects...