Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

Well for once I've had plenty of painting time and managed to finish off a fair old few miniatures. Here's what we have so far:

The Good...

Priest from Rezolution

Cleaned off the tech bits from around his head but otherwise unmodified.

Man in Black from EM4

Corporate Trooper from EM4

Corporate Security Guards from Heresy Miniatures

Repost from last time as I didn't take a close up.

Ray and Ashley from Hasslefree Miniatures

Another Repost mainly as I've gone to town with some Tamiya Clear Red. Not uite happy with the results but they do look more like zombie killers.

Van Zant from Infinity Miniatures

The pic is a little dark so the details doesn't really show well but this little swine took the best part of 5 hours on Sat to paint, his camo trousers taking up much of that time. Anyhow for those who like me liked Reign of Fire this miniature is the business.

The Bad and the Ugly...

Zombies from Wizkids

Repainted Horrorclix miniatures from Wizkids. They're a little out of scale but will do as you can buy them for less than 50p each. They still need basing and gore adding but I'll wait till I have a bunch of them to do.

Demonic Dogs from Heresy Miniatures

Had these miniatures sat in a box for several years now and I absolutely adore them. They're truely monsterous, the bases they're on are 50mm wide... Must go and find some Ghostbusters miniatures now.

Giant Worm from Wizards of the Coast

Repainted miniature from Wizards D&D range, the idea from this has been blatently ripped off someone else - I'd love to credit them for the idea but I have no idea where I found it. Anyway if this was your idea many thanks.

So what next?

We'll thats it for the moment, My painting desk is strangely, nothing else prepped for painting. Handily I had an order turn up from Andy Heresy the other day so plenty to be getting on with.

I'm going to tray and start organising miniautres into forces for a game I'm working on. The rules currently are in the draft stages and have most of the mechanics sorted out. I'm heading towards a proper skirmish game - up to 10 models a side and massive flexability when it comes to creating the characters for your force. Not much more I can say at the minute as they're mostly written on scraps of paper I find laying about when I have an idea; I really must get round to typing them up.

Anyhow that the lot for now.


DarkWingDuck said...

As far as the wyrm goes, the first person I saw do it was Grimm (over on the Lead Adventures Forum).

Last picture on this page:

tim said...

"you've got red on you..."

Ian, those are some darn nice looking toys!

Do start posting again!

Anonymous said...

Sweet models dude. Love the crisp yet gory paint jobs too!

Gary said...

The Giant Worm is based on the cover art to an issue of Dungeon magazine, from the Age of Worms adventure path.

It looks so familiar because a few years ago Reaper Miniatures released a purple worm based on the same artwork.