Friday, 22 March 2013

Painting Competition Month 3

Well the final month was a bit of a slog, I really struggled to summon up the enthusiasm for more painting, each time I sat down to do some I found myself getting distracted by other projects, mostly terrain related which were not part of the competition.

That being said I did manage to get myself well past the 500 point target I set for myself. In month 3 I managed to summon up some 32 assorted miniatures and vehicles in the final month.

I'm just going to post a quick set of pictures with little explanation as I've loads to sort out today, but as usual it's quite a few pulp miniatures, I was really happy to get the mounted Kali Cultists done within the competition as the Professor and his crew much be getting over to India soon, the Brigade Games Merchant seamen were an impulse buy just before the US postal rates went up and I was pleased with the results. I loved making the markers too, gave me a bit of a distraction from churning out miniatures.

Now I've a backlog of terrain projects I must get around to finishing in time for my next gaming session in May and I've another couple of AARs to get around to posting up plus a review of the Pulp Alley rules and Cards I received recently. Expect some more content coming your way soon. 


Michael Awdry said...

Some of my favourite entries here, just loved those causality markers and the colour palette of those Perry plastics - just gorgeous!

TamsinP said...

I remember thinking what lovely figures these were when I saw them the first time. They're still lovely figures now.

Great work Gharak :)

Phyllion said...

I think your last entry was your best painting in years. Brilliant stuff - keep it up bro.

Terrain is good too.