Friday, 29 March 2013

March Terrain Projects

With the painting competition finished I'm straight back into terrain building, I had a number of projects lined up since last Autumn and I was itching to get back to building stuff. 

First up we have a River from GaleForce 9, they are apparently discontinuing this set which I wish I had known prior to purchasing it. This is actually a replacement product as there was a manufacturing fault with the original which left a cracked glaze over the water and was pretty ugly. GF9 for their credit did replace them without challenge. 

All I've really done here is a couple of layers of flock so that they match my other boards then added a few clumps of foliage and grasses along with some taller grass. I feel it does look even better in real life and it will fill a gap in my terrain collection that's been annoying me for years. 

Next up I've a load of random scatter terrain, these first 2 are just CD base terrain and were essentially made from spare rocks and stuff after I finished with my other scatter terrain. I didn't want to waste anything so I bunged these together. 

 Next I've a load of new scatter terrain, inspired by my brothers use of the 4Ground tree bases I thought I'd do my own, I unfortunately mis-remembered the size of the bases and it wasn;t until I'd ordered some 40+ 40mm bases I realised the that the 4Ground bases use 60mm ones. Handily Warbases came through with a custom order of something similar built for my 40mm bases. They were a little more expensive than the 4Ground ones but will do the job.

I based up a random collection of rocks and tall grasses to make some difficult ground areas for skirmish gaming. We've always struggled defining the edge of such areas with our existing terrain and so these will be a great addition. I've already got another couple of sets of bases being worked on and will be rebasing my all trees onto 40mm bases so I can use them in the same style of base. I may also try and get some larger bases from Warbases soon.

Finally I've some new plot point markers for Pulp Alley, some Aztec/South American style ones which I believe came from some AVP miniatures, I based them to match the rest of my jungle terrain.  

I've also some interesting pyramid like markers which came with the Horrorclix starter set and will make great markers for any mythos based adventure I'm sure. 

That's a wrap for now, I've a huge pile of stuff to work through and I'm keen to just kick through it while I've the energy to get on. I've miniatures for fantasy, 40k and Victorian/Steampunk projects lining up on my desk as well as more terrain and some additional pulp bits left over from the competition. 


Ray Rousell said...

I do like the look of the river. very nice.

Phyllion said...

An impressive array!

Over the same period, I've painted some counters and assembled some odds and sods. Hummmm.