Sunday, 9 January 2011

First Ministures of 2011

Not bad, not even 2 weeks into January and I've finished some figures already.

Now they're certainly not cabinet standard miniatures but they're certainly tabletop quality.

First of all some French Grenadiers from Victrix.

Followed by some Dragoons from Perry Minitures

Finally a picture of all my french together, 1 unit of line, 1 unit of voltigeurs, 1 unit of dragoons and a single cannon. The units are build for Sharp Practice with 12 men to infantry and 8 to light and cavalry units.

Next up I've another unit of Line Infantry to paint up and some Polish Lancers which I got for Christmas.


Andy said...

The plan is working! Already some finished models and a post on your blog. If you can keep this pace you'll have to find a spare room for all those painted mini's ;-)

Really like the colors on the cavalery

Phil said...

Nice work. Building up a sizeable force considering we started at skirmish...