Sunday, 16 January 2011

More Napoleonics

We managed just 2 games whilst my Brother was over in January, mainly as we've upped the forces a little and both games have spilt over into the 2-3 hour territory rather than our usual 1-2 hours. Both games were played using Sharp Practice Rules with a few alterations to hit tables, movement and spotting rules.

Game 1 - Capture the objectives

The initial game was a fairly simple 3 objective set up with forces arriving at diagonally opposite corners. The objectivbes were the centre of the town, the large hill on the right and the junction at the centre of the road. 1 Victory point would be gained for each turn an objective was held (with a unit within 6") and not contested.

The British Line made a rush for the central objective and bravely hold it on their own, supporting units continue to aproach under blinds. 

On the wooded slopes a fight breaks out between some Italian Allies and a local Spanish Patria Regiment.

Back in the centre the French Grenadiers fire volleys into the British Line whilst Lieutenant Lanier marches his unit of line around to join the fight.

The Fight on the hill closes into brutal melee. 

And the Spanish Patria regiment beats off the Itallian Line in a decisive charge. The Itallians flee back down the hill.

Sergeant Blunt Leads his Rifles up to support the Line in the centre.  

French Dragoons successfully drive off the British Light Cavalry and threaten the flanks of the stranded British Line infantry.

The British Line finally break after substantial casualties.  

Final Result: British Victory
Although much of the British force had been routed and suffered terrible casualties their early rush to the objectives had secured them enough points to claim a decisive victory.

Unfortunately some very bad card draws ment that the French Dragoons spent several turns milling about and not contributing to the fight. Following this we altered the rules to allow any units not currently under fire and outside 18" of an enemy to also move on the tiffin.

Poor movement also foiled the Italian Light Line in supporting the Line on the hill but then thats the luck of the dice I suppose.

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