Thursday, 30 December 2010

Napoleonic Battles with Sharpe Practice

I've a number of photos from a gaming session a month or so ago where my Brother and I worked our way through Sharpes Practice rules for the 1st time. No full batrep I'm afraid but I'll try and comment on the action at the time.

Italian Light Infantry cross open ground towards some British rifles holed up in a wood.

Same again from another angle

Italian Line infantry take and hold a small hillock.

Italian Light infantry unload at the Rifles with little effect.

Some British Line take up position behind some fencing.
The French and Italians Advance

Firefight between French and British forces

The French approach the British position in the Farm complex.

French and Italians paintind by my good self. British painted by my brother, buildings, roads and most of the woods provided by my brother. One of his first real terrain building efforts and it all seemed to work very well, I'm especially looking forward to the farm being added to more. It looks stunning on the tabletop and worthy of defending.

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