Wednesday, 29 December 2010

End of the year roundup

Well not the most productive year I've managed and I've certainly been slack with the Blog lately. 2011 is going to have to be better organised I think.

So Current Projects:

All projects from 2010 were complete, I now have several sets of terrain including jungle, mountains and city. Didn't get around to the sewer system and the Library/Museum needs some more work.
Also managed to get a good number of miniatures painted for this so I've now also got a generic gang of thugs for our heroes to battle.
However this is all now on hold for the moment pending purchase of .45 adventure 2nd edition.

Napoleonics -
Good Progress on 28mm Naps, with units built for Sharpe Practice I now have, the following painted:

1 Unit Itallian Line Infantry
1 Unit Itallian Light Infantry
1 Unit French Line Inrantry
1 Unit French Voltegeurs
1 French Cannon
1 Unit French Grenadiers (almost done)

Still to paint:
1 Unit French Line Infantry
1 Unit French Dragoons
1 Unit Dismounted French Dragoons
1 Unit Polish Lancers

Next gaming session is in 2 weeks so I'm going to have to work hard to get some more models finished.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow hopefully.

Wild West

Bit of a failed project this, picked up some Mexicans and some more Outlaws back in April and managed to paint the outlaws however after cobbling together a number of buildings I have to say I was less than impressed with LoTOW rules.

So basically no real progress here.


Absolutely no progress here, I have to be honest I can't get too enthused by this project. Just not feeling the vibe, I know my brothers interested and with the recent Bolt Action British plastics released I guess this will have to move forward soon. Some sort of pulp tie in may be needed for me to pick up some plastic warlord germans and get moving with this.


Managed to clear out quite a bit this year and already have another box of unpainted miniatures to bang onto ebay. I've also decided to sell off my 20mm Napoleonics (seems little point in keeping them as I've 28mm ones), Painted Infinity miniatures (not played this in almost 2 years and it lead to arguements last time) Painted Confrontation miniatures (not sure of the market for these but they're 3rd ed and painted when I had the time to give these lovely models some attention)

Whats on the Horizon

Secret Project 1 - Some miniatures bought and partly based but I'm pondering on rules, Prolly going to have to build both sides myself to begin with as I doubt my Brothers missus will take kindly to me getting him into yet another scale and period. Least to say its all been inspired by Pillers of the Earth, a recent 3 part documentory on the Normans and visits to some historical sites)

Secret Project 2 - Well I've got my Bro interested in this one so it's not really secret, 10mm WW2 platoon plus support level gaming at 1:1. Planning on using Baptism of Fire 1 rules which from memory worked really well once you got your head around them.

More Naps - Prolly the major focus up until Triples will be Naps Naps and more Naps, till I'm sick of painting Blue and white.

Leatherworking - totally not gaming related but I've wanted to take up leatherworking for several years and so January is the month for me to really start. I've been purchasing tools over the last few months and have most of the basics now. This may end up taking up some of my otherwise limited painting time but well see.

Online Gaming - I really must stop jumping onto online games for hours at a time and not painting/modelling. Plan for 2011 is to do much less online gaming and hopefully focus on more wargaming.

Plan - I'm actually going to make a plan for once, month by month on the 1st of the month I'll post my painting pledge and at the end of the month will take stock of it. Hopefully this may promote me to finish some plenty of miniatures.


Andy said...

You'll probabely end up doing this in 2011:

Step 1
Forget about the plan
Step 2
Buy even more models on impulse
Step 3
Game even more online
Step 4
Make a leather belt and wear it for the rest of the year
Step 5
look back on a year of parially finished projects
Step 6
Make new plans to get it organised in 2012
Step 7
Back to step 1 and probabely love every minute of it again ;-)

Just don't forget to update it on your blog! Happy new year!

Phil said...

Wow, blogs everywhere. Let's see of you can keep it up. Some worthy aims for the year there...

You'll be pleased the roads are (just) no longer an ugly White blot on your photos.

P.S. Secret projects? Haven't you learned..?

Phil said...

What happened to the pledge? Its all quiet here!