Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Attack at the Professors Office.


England somewhere in the 1930s, Professor Hemmingway and some friends are gathered at his flat late in the evening to learn of the contents of a troubling telegram. The telegram is a stark warning to the Professor to stay clear of his investigations into a hidden Templar treasure.. As our heroes sit down to discuss what to do next the sound of breaking glass is heard followed by footsteps up the stairs. This doesn't bode well for our heroes...


The board is a 2 foot square, the main building represents the professors office, outside it is dark with some illumination from streetlamps. There is a small bit of woodland outside along with another small building.The professors car is parked across the road from the entrance.

There are encounters spread around the professors office and these represent various items of the professors which may come in useful throughout the adventure.

Our heroes start within the office building and the villains anywhere outside the building.


The Heroes objective is to escape to the Professors car, with or without the professors stuff.
The Villians must capture the Professor or his diary.

It starts with a bang, Mr Templeton and his gang of cronies storm into the building weapons blazing with little regard to the racket they make.

Outside the police have arrived to investigate the ruckus, after a poor attempt at arresting this dodgy character this bobby was quickly dispatched with a swift blow to the head by one of the notorious Finn Brothers.

The heroes take the back way out of the office, onto the ledge of the building and all make attempts to jump onto the handy bins below. Most of them fall and hurt themselves. It was lemmings in miniature form.

Hawkins the butler explains the situation to the Police Sergeant investigating his companions attack. The Bobby takes a shine to the smart well spoken butler and agrees to help them on their way.

As the heroes move out of the alley the other Finn brother makes a dastardly attempt to handbreak turn into the heroes, Hawkins makes a spritely leap out of the way whilst the Professor is thrown into the air. With time running out, his boss injured Paddy Finn makes one last attempt to grab the Professor and drag him into the car. Unfortunately the Professor resists and Paddy has to make a run for it without his prize.

Martin Brown the least effective enforcer in this town finally gets taken down, he spent most of the game spraying hit tommygun in every which direction and wildy missing all targets.


Escaped by the skin of their teeth, The Professers crew were a little bruised and battered and decided to take the time to switch around their crew a little on the way, Captain Jenkins was dropped off at the hospital to recover from his wounds and Squadron Leader Michaels was picked up.

The Villains came off worse, Mr Templeton suffered leg wounds, 2 of his crew were out of action and Martin was with the police, time to hire a new crew of ne'er-do-wells.

In light of this the Heroes would get a few turns head start at the next encounter as the villians gather their strength again. The heroes also managed to collect most of the professors kit which will come in use in later games.


Tristan said...

I love the board - was it custom made for this scenario? Is it one piece or multiple bits? I especially like the lamps area of effect. :)

Gharak said...

Hi Tristan,

The terrain is all multi part, a lot of it can be seen in my previous scenarios. It's kind of like Lego terrain :)

Each set of adventures I run gets a new lot of terrain build specifically for them, this way I build it up a little bit each time.

Anonymous said...

Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

- Johnson

Anonymous said...

As Gharak's brother and one of the the players behind Prof Hemmingway's gang, I have to say this was a superbly crafted scenario. The terrain is impressive and adapts incredibly for a range of scenarios. The weekend's gaming was a great 3-part story, plenty more to be written up!