Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New Pulp NPCs

With a week off staying in a hotel far from home on a course for work I found a little time in the evening to paint up some NPCs for my net pulp adventure.

Managed to get 3 Characters done in 3 nights (the others unfortunately were taken up with study) so I'm quite happy with that and a little ahead of schedule (the games are planned for the end of August)

So without further ado, let me introduce:

Mr Harries:

A suspicious character prone to an excess of alcohol and bad language, Mr Harries is an able seaman and will do almost anything for a little etra cash whilst the boats in port. Definately not a character to be trusted.

Norman Hardacre, Groundsman

A Grumpy old Yorkshireman with a strong dislike of trespassers. He sees little reason to discuss things civilly and will usually resort to yelling and a warning shot or too against anyone unlikely to be caught by him.

Mr Smythe

Little is known of this mysterious fella, he speaks a dozen languages, can often be found skulking in the shadows trying to get one over on the heroes. Most dangerously nobody appears to know his agenda.... He is rumoured to be a foreign agent.

With another delivery today I've more mooks, some british police and a couple of other NPCs to paint up and along with the scenery and vehicles the next adventure will begin.

I've also had some pictures from my brother of some of the heroes of our next adventure.

Sean Jenkins and Hawkins the Butler:

And Squadron Leader Michaels:

They will Join Professor Hemmingway and his Daughter in our next adventure.

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