Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ok week one finish:

Progress; not a lot.

Still working on sorting out my new house so not a lot of progress this week.

I have managed to start some new Pulp terrain in the form of blocky levels to be used for rail stations, underground stations, indoor ruins and temple blocks.

These are built from a rather fancy material I've found via Antenociti's Workshop called Foamed PVC, its around 3mm thick but much easier to cut than standard plasticard sheet but much stronger than foam-core. I think I'm now a fan.

Click the following link for the product:

The tops and sides are being covered in embossed styrene and engraved into 30mm squares for ease of gaming.

I've 4 sections built and pieces cut for around another 4 plus some steps.

However I'm running short on styrene and only have 1 sheet of foamed pvc left so looks like I need to stick an order in for more.

I plan to have the whole lot built by next sunday so watch this space.

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