Sunday, 31 January 2010

Week 2 - Sunday 31st Jan 2010

Week 2 over and again I've not got a lot done.

Thats the problem with having too many hobbies, its easy to get distracted.

However with a slightly fruitful weekend I've managed to get a little done on my new generic pulp terrain.

Here are the test pieces finished earlier today:

Wow..coool!! I here you cry, but what the hell are they for?

Well for things like this really:

Indy investigates a ancient jungle temple, or even:

Indy cautiously decends an ancient stairway through the mountains.

Over all this terrain is there to give height to the table rather than be stand alone scenery. Once you mix some props in with it I'm expecting to be able to make anything from sewers to ancient temples all using just one main box of terrain and a selection of "setting" pieces.

So far I've managed to build this much:

Its about enough to cover about a square foot of board with multiple levels. I've got some more 3 level high blocks in the works plus some edging blocks to allow the terrain to be used as risers for some mountain sides.

I'll also be branching out into adding some of the setting terrain now I've unpacked a lot of my bits boxes.

Any how for this week thats it.

Tune in next Sunday and I hope to have all this lot completed.


JET (aka Jason) said...

Looks great! What are they made of?


Gharak said...

The material is Foamed PVC and Slaters embossed styrene for the textures.

If you check out last sundays post theres a link to the UK shop that sell the Foamed PVC.

Its officially me new favourite material. I'm using the 3mm thickness kind, it's very easy to cut and for its thickness its got a good weight to it.

Tim Mayer said...

Nice job! Puts my work to shame.