Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Now I know its been a while but....
I'd love to say I've been painting hundreds of miniatures in the last 18 onths since I was last here but that just isn't true.

I unfortunately rediscovered MMORPGs and my life was sucked away in a vortex of level grinding and all night raiding.

Thankfully I've now recovered...
Now I have free time again I pulled out all my old projects sorted through them, put them back in a box and started an all new project...
The guys at Aberrant Games have been working on an all new Post Apocalyptic Miniatures game in the vein of mad max etc.

And a picture of the initially released Black Box:

Unfortunately I missed out on the limited initial release of 250 and am having to wait on the proper release of the game due sometime soon. So whilst I haven't got the rules I thought I could get back into some modelling and painting..

A few visits to ASDA and Tesco to buy some Hotwheels cars and a quick raid of my bits box and I started with these:

Still need to paint the gunner for the Passenger seat.

All done for the moment.

Part finished in this picture, I've now completed it but still have to make a rocket launcher armed dude to sit on the back.

This babys all done too...

I've about 4 or 5 more vehicles currently in progress and I should have them done soon, I'm also desperately trying not to buy more cars as I've a box of them spare as well.

Once I've finished the next 4 I'm going to be dusting these up a little with some weathering powders to give them that desert wasteland look.

Well thanks for looking.

I will try and keep up with this blog this time


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