Sunday, 15 November 2015

More Age of Sigmar Painting

Lo all, another month has gone by and it's high time I showed off what has passed over the panting table this month. I was actually quite surprised how much I managed to get done since my last post, I hadn't realised so much was finished. 

First up is a converted Chaos Lord with Mark of Nurgle, converted from a spare Maggoth Lord, some axes and head from the Blightkings box and a spare set of legs from my second mighty lord of Khorne along with a little bit of greenstuff to give him a bloated belly with weeping wound. Also dug out an old resin cast base from when I used to cast in my spare time which neatly fits into the AoS fluff of Nurgle rampaging through the realm of life. 

Another single figure here, my Khorne Champion for a Realms of Chaos Campaign, converted from the Aspiring Deathbringer with a head and arm swap plus some greenstuff cloven hooves. 

A unit of converted Chaos Furies also for my Realm of Chaos warband, these were made from Deamonette of Slaanesh bodies and Tyranid Gargoyle wings.

Another converted unit, this time some Dwarf Irondrakes, mainly just the addition of some horns to their helmets and a suitably grimy paintjob gives my main Chaos force for AoS some much needed ranged attacks. 

More conversions for my Realm of Chaos warband, Some Bloodgor of Khorne, converted from some spare Gor bodies I already had and Axe arms from the Bloodwarrior box, these will use the bestigor rules in game but I felt that paired axes fits Khorne more. 

A basic unit of Bloodletters, picked up mainly for summoning, a quick and dirty battlefield ready colour scheme for them.

Finally, Nurgleings, thousands of them.... well 9 bases so far, I've kept each base to a limited palette of 3 main colours plus yellow boils, red wounds, pinkish tongues and innards along with bone horns, this should help tie then bases together without driving me mad painting the same colours again and again. I've another 7 bases to build yet and I'm likely to get more. 

Sorry, that was't quite it, I thought I'd slip in a quick picture of my completed Realms of Chaos warband in full, Not sure when Phil and I will get to start this off as lest time I spoke to him his order still hadn't arrived and he paints at a much slower pace than I do. Hopefully these guys will see the table sometime in the new year.

May do a Tzeentch warband while I'm waiting for him to catch up...

Anyhow I'm likely to slow down somewhat over the next month, I basecoated Morbidex Twiceborn with my airbrush yesterday and I'm planning on spending a reasonable amount of time on him to at least match my Blightkings if not painted a little better. 

Guess I'll see you in a months time. 


Michael Awdry said...

Outstanding! These are stunning.

Phyllion said...

16 bases of nurglings? Madness