Sunday, 18 October 2015

More painted Age of Sigmar Miniatures

Seems my painting speed has slowed right down in recent weeks, though I have spent quite a bit of time assembling more miniatures and also upped my painting quality as i get onto miniatures I really like rather than things I just want to get onto the gaming table. 

I've also taken the opportunity to rephotograph some of my khorne miniatures as I had my proper camera out rather than my phone. 

This weeks big win was finishing my Putrid Blightkings, fantastic figures and I was keen to give them a really great paint job. It eventually took almost 3 weeks from basecoat to basing them last night. I'm really chuffed with them learning a whole lot of new techniques while I painted them and testing out several of the GW Technical Paint range in the process. 

I think I really managed to catch the disease ridden nature of these miniatures with plenty of sores, brusing, puss ridden boils etc.

Next up we have a Ogur Stonehorn, I actually finished this over a month ago and it just missed the last cut of figures. It was the first time I've ever painted a model this size and I found it fairly difficult with the brushes I have, it took a lot of work to get a smooth colour whilst picking out all the detail. This guy still needs basing but I'm struggling to find a base bigh enough for him that's not round, I'm hoping to find a 120mm oval DS style base at some point. 

I ended up leaving the rider off the model, so I can choose weapon options depending on my opponent. I had planned to magnetise him but it actually doesn't really need it as he sits quite comfortably on top.

Next up I have a Daemon Prince I picked up on Ebay for a tenner, unfortunately he was already assembled for 40k and appeared to have been stuck together badly with superglue so he took quite a bit of tidying up to make him suitable. 

I ended up painted him in the same colours as my Khorne force though he's more likely to be an unaligned DP and I'll build a more Khorne like one in the future. 

Finally the remainder of my bloodbound, a second Bloodsecrator, Vekh the Flayer from the starter box.

And the Mighty Lord of Khorne, in my case this is Ghorak the Despoiler, scourge of the realm of Gyhran.

Ghoraks current hoard stands as the following, though I have loads more in the queue including 2 more khorgoraths.

Finally I've finished converting up some miniatures for my Age of Chaos warband to game with my brother. My Champion of Khorne, a slaughterpriest with a Bestial Face, HAnd of Khorne and Cloven Hooves. 

And a flock of Chaos Furies, these came out very nicely in my opinion and I've another 5 to build though only these 5 will be in the warband to begin with.

Next on the painting table is a unit of Bloodletters, they should be finished this week and I'm going to book in a session with one of the guys at my local GW to learn the basics of airbrushing before tackling my Maggoth Lord. 


Michael Awdry said...

My word, those are absolutely stunning, just fabulous work.

Gharak said...

Cheers Michael, I'm really enjoying painting GW models again. I find the size difference against normal 28mm minis makes them much easier to paint and the latest miniatures are great sculpts.

Gharak said...
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Phyllion said...

Those blightkings are exceptional. And your painting rate continues!