Thursday, 3 September 2015

Been busier than my blog suggests... honest.

Thought I'd give a bit of an update as it's been rather quiet around here recently.

I had a few months off painting between the end of Jan and the end of May or build props for and run my annual love craft larp game.

After a little break from the stress that came along with it I've picked up the brushes again and headed off in a rather unusual direction.

Phillion if you're reading this its probably best you stop now...

I fancied a change and with the rumours of a new GW fantasy game back in June-ish I dug out a few old miniatures and started to play around with some ideas for realm of chaos type gaming.

Well Age of Sigmar finally landed and after a couple of weeks mulling it over I was finally convinced to part with some cash by the excellent youtube bat reps from Ash Barker, check out the guerilla miniature games youtube channel.

Well I was still staunchly in the "I'll paint up the chaos for some small games" mentality but those stormcast are truly lovely models. I picked up the big book and had a read and some of the artwork and the new mythical based fluff really interested me.

With the summer holidays upon us and my wife and kids away for a week I managed to batter through the whole of the stormcast starter figures and a few extras. With these in hand I also headed to GW during the week and snuck a few games in.

Surprisingly it was really enjoyable, the structure and pace of the game is really good and the way troops work together means you do have to do some work on planning your move and stratagem. I've managed 5 games so far and the stormcast have only managed 2 victories, part of this is the widely publicised issues around the lack of points or a build structure, as I'm playing pick up games in GW stores (something I thought I'd never do again) there is still an element of powergaming going on with a win at all costs attitude.  I've only found a couple of players who really embrace the concept of AoS and scenario play so far.

It is not a strategic battle game, but then I didn't see WHFB as being one of those either, but it is a pretty good skirmish game and the background gets me interested in a way that Warmachine and Malefaux don't.

So I best show off my progress so far:

Lord-Celestant Vandus Hammerhand on his Dracoth

Lord Celestant on Foot

Lord Relictor

Lord Castalliant and Gryph-Hound

9 Liberators with Hammers and Shields including Prime with Grand-Hammer

5 Liberators with 2 Hammers including Prime with Grand-Blade

3 Units of Retributors with Primes

Unit of 6 Judicators including Prime with Shockbolt Bow

And onto the Chaos forces:


Converted Bloodstoker

Unit of 10 Bloodwarriors including Chaos Champion with Gore-Glaive and Icon Bearer

Half the unit of Bloodreavers including Hornblower

A mighty Khorgorath

14 Ungor with spears including Halfhorn, Bannerbearer and Brayhorn

 That's probably more actual miniatures painted in 6 weeks than I've painted in several years, they're mainly up to gaming standard rather than my usual displace cabinet figures I use for skirmish so highlights are limited to 2 and there is minimal detailing where possible.

There is still plenty on the painting table:

3 Prosecutors (need their wings magnetising)
Mighty Khorne Lord
Second Bloodstoker
Khorne Deamon Prince
10 more Bloodreavers
10 Gors
5 Liberators with Swords and Shields
5 Judicators with Crossbows
2 more Khorgorath
20 Marauders (to be converted from Bloodreavers)
2 Realmgates.

So I've loads to keep me busy and a number of upcoming releases I'm interested in.

So there'll be another update when I've finished this lot.

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Phyllion said...

Wow, you've been busy and kept all that quiet. That is indeed a staggering amount of painting for you.

Intruiged how the AoS scene and approach pan out - it's certainly a very different approach by GW!