Saturday, 31 January 2015

Wednesday night painting - 15mm hundred years war archers

 Well almost, I finished these archers on Wednesday night but didn't find the time to base them. Rather than just show them half finished I thought I'd base them and finish off a loads of basing detail as a job lot.

I spent a couple of weeks earlier in the month looking for archers that I liked, many of the 15mm ones didn't have anything that looked like a proper 6' longbow. I eventually came across these figures from minifigs. They're sold in packs of 8 of the same figure and I was after a more mixed up look so I ended up buying packs from both the Crecy and Agincourt ranges and picked up 5 packs, enough for 3 decent sized bases of archers.

In a similar way to the knights I wanted something to help identify them as English archers so I went with the majority of the miniatures having some kind of red clothing, certainly not uniform but as least distinguishing.

I'd tested some basing ideas last weekend and went for a less ranked up look, it fills the base out, gives a little room for dioramas and shows off the fronts of the miniatures a little more.

As I mentioned I'd based them as a job lot and so the knights and command stand are also finished:

I've recently moved to using graveyard earth (or what ever the new name for it is) as a base for dirt. This is mainly as its quite neutral and I can use it for pretty much anywhere in the world. European bases get more green verdant grass whilst middle eastern or African miniatures get sparcer dried grasses.

I used a spring static grass and mixed in a load of mininatur tufts to break up the ground a little. Not quite as nice as my brothers bases but will do for me.

Next up, either more archers or I may paint up a couple more pulp miniatures. Not sure yet.

Anyhow I'm off to Vapnartak show in York tomorrow, not really after anything in particular just for a wander.

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Phyllion said...

Wow, you're on a roll. Looking good, but do you think you'll get bored by e umpteenth base of archers?

Enjoy Vapnartak!