Monday, 20 May 2013

Recent Painting

There's been a few bits across the painting table over the past few weeks, not as much as I managed over winter but I've been catching up on various series of stuff and generally enjoying what little warm weather we've had in the UK.

Most recently I've just finished some crates of rifles from Ainsty Casting, I thought these would make some excellent plot points for pulp alley, stolen weapons? experimental rifles? or even just evidence of a lost camp.  Very quick paint job, based on 40mm mdf bases with just a little foliage to keep them useful for different areas.

Next I've some wonderful luggage from 6milphil on the lead adventure forums, these were brilliant casts and took an age to paint as I wanted really diverse luggage rather than painting them all in similar colours. Items based on 40mm round or 25mm round bases are ment as plot points and the rest just as drop terrain. 

Finally I've a Heresy Miniatures Ogre, this guys been in a box for years but since a friend of mine recently mentioned fantasy gaming I was digging through some piles of unpainted stuff and found him. He made a nice change from painting historical miniatures and I just love the attitude.

I've just finished some tentacles and am painting up some Ainsty trade goods at the moment for more pulp gaming, will grab some pics when I have a minute. 


Michael Awdry said...

These look superb, definitely going to have to get me some of that luggage!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words and the excellent paintjob. Is it okay to grab a copy of the photo to aid my bid at global gaming domination? ;)