Sunday, 3 July 2016

Age of Sigmar Painting Update - July 2016

The months roll on, unfortunately my painting has slowed a little, namely as I've been building a load of new stuff for the paint queue, my copy of the Silver tower arrived the other day and that's a fair chunk of miniatures to put together, more so as I'm also converting a lot of the Tzaangor to have double handed weapons. I've also just finished building Archaon the Everchosen, still got some cleaning up and green stuffing but I'm really looking forward to that project. 

In the meantime here's what I've painted up over the past 8 weeks. 

First up more reinforcements for my Bloodbound, 6 Mighty Skullcrushers, I managed to snag these at the bring and buy when I was at Fiasco in Leeds a few months back for £30, I can rarely turn down half price minis. I kept the paintjob simple and in line with the rest of my Bloodbound. 

Another hero for the Bloodbound too, an Aspriring Deathbringer, I wasn't overly fussed by the miniature when he was first released but then seeing him painted up by one of the guys at the local store my mind was changed, he's very dynamic and full of character.

Onto some randoms, a couple more spawn of chaos, more specifically spawn for my upcoming Tzeentch force (to be combined with some of the Silver Tower miniatures). These were a little experimental, I tried out a number of washes and glazes to see what effects I could manage. The pink one is a trial for my pink horror colour scheme.

I just managed to finish these last night, a bunch more Gor for my Brayherd, brings me up to 20 in total now, not enough for a full force but 20 with a Brayherd character can easily be tacked onto my Khorne force for some speedy and effective infantry. 

One of the units that took the longest to paint is up next, almost 3 weeks in total. The new Varanguard are fantastic miniatures and totally huge. I chose to paint up each of them as a follower of a different God, also painted up to match my existing forces. 

Some more daemons for my Rotbringer force, some brown plaguebearers this time for a change from my green ones, should make them easier to pick out as individual units on the board. 

Just a couple of rats for a planned Skaven force, working on a Clan Skryre force, all weapon teams and Stormfiends will be the plan.

Finally my other new force, some of the new Fyreslayers, I loved these from the day they were released and have had these miniatures for a good few months already, I'll be fleshing out this force over the summer. 

I'm just working on some Flamers of Tzeentch but they're a few days short of being finished, then it's time to break out the airbrush and get some base layers down on a bunch of figures, oh and buy some more fyerslayers. I've a cracking conversion idea for a Magmadroth.