Thursday, 3 March 2016

AoS - Nurgle Rotbringer Hoard and Khorne Bloodbound Reenforcements

So with a spare evening following a mix up with the car meaning I couldn't get over to a friends house for a game I decided to take the opportunity to catch up with some photos of my recent painting. I also decided to rephotograph some of my other Nurgle miniatures now I have a better photo setup and on a clean white background as I wasn't a fan of the blue I used last time.

First up some clearer pictures of Morbidex Twiceborn.

Morbidex wouldn't be complete without a hoard of Nurglings.

Then we have my Blightkings, the first models I painted for this force and they still set the bar pretty high for painting.

The mandatory group of Plaguebearers, no Nurgle force is without these, very difficult to kill and great in some of the formations.

Some new miniatures, Chaos Knights with Mark of Nurgle, I went with Ensorcelled Weapons for the additional attacks and lower to hit, may have to make another group with chaos Glaives for hitting power on the charge. Pretty simple conversions from the basic knight kit with additional weapons and helms left over from my Blightkings. 

More Slaves to Darkness, this time some converted Warriors of Chaos. I really cannot stand the static Chaos warrior models, so I picked up some Bloodwarriors out of the AoS starter on Ebay, stripped them of the Khorne symbols, gave them chaos warrior shields, weapons and helms. Then quite a bit of greenstuffing later to hide my bad chopping and any remaining Khorne symbols we have these boys born. 

Then we have some converted beasties, these can be used as either Chaos Spawn or Beasts of Nurgle when the need arises though I've another of the one on the right on the go so these may be my beasts in stead whilst the green gribbly can be a spawn. Built out of Plague Drone bodies and a few arms plus bits from my bitz box and a lot of greenstuff again. These were a blast to make and great fun to paint. 

Finally we have the other characters in my hoard, a Plague Lord, slight conversion from the base model, new helmet from the Blighking box and I removed the big spikes on one shoulderpad and added a second pad on the other side. 

Rotbringer Sorcerer built from a spare body from the Maggothlord kit, legs from a spare Bloodstoker and more greenstuff. 

And my chaos lord, unfortunately they've dropped this combo from the Chaos Grand Alliance book but still it looks cool and I can always use the legacy warscroll. He's built from the other body from the Maggoth Lord box, legs from a Mighty Lord of Khorne and some spare axes from the Blightking box. 

Lastly I managed to grab a group shot, though this was a pain to light it does give a good feel for the force as a whole, it's very green and brown. 

Something extra

Due to the aformentioned green and brown I felt I needed a break the other week so I knocked out some Skullreapers for my Bloodbound force, love these models, I used the Wrathmonger heads as I prefer them and dropped the trophy racks as they didn't look right with the helmets.

What's next?

I've 3 Plaguedrones almost completed, just got the riders and bases to finish off, so they should be done early next week. I'm also working on painting my converted Epidemius which also should be finished next week. 


Michael Awdry said...

That is the most staggeringly well painted group I've seen in ages! Sensational stuff.

Phyllion said...

Not posting these up in the challenge bro?

bluespixie said...

Sooo good matey, love 'em

Unknown said...

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