Wednesday, 3 December 2014

It's been a while

Welcome back,

With a hiatus of nearly 18 months of no real miniature related hobby time I'm back, with the birth of my second daughter and much of the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 being taken up organising an annual LARP event I run my time has been seriously limited, I've managed a few games in this period but that's about it.

Last weekend my Brother was up and we dusted off Pulp Alley one night and managed to get a good couple of games in (see his blog for the write up shortly) They were really enjoyable and have given me back a bit of my hobby mojo.

Whilst chatting to my Bro after the games I set myself the challenge of putting aside one night a week for painting, Wednesday for me is a pretty good one and so Wednesday has been declared painting night, once the kids are in bed I've about 2 hours of painting time so I'm going to aim to paint at least 1 miniature in this time from start to finish.

This may not seem like much but since we mainly play pulp adventures with half a dozen miniatures a side this is more than enough to keep filling out the collection and start clearing through the unpainted miniature pile.

Saying that this week is a bit of a bumper start, I had a number of models part painted or started and so in little over 2 hours I managed to get 3 figures painted.

The first is an Indian fella in some kind of colonial-esque uniform, a miniature from Mutineer Miniatures Indian Mutiny range from a pack I picked up mainly for one miniature but this one seemed useful too. He'll be great for a pulp sidekick.

Next up are a pair of baggage camels, mounted up to be plot points for Pulp Alley. I think these are from Irregular miniatures, picked up at a show for about a pound each.

The bases are not quite finished but I'll likely do a larger batch of them together one night.

So until next week, have a good un.


Phyllion said...

Holy moley - he managed it! Like the Mutineer chap a lot

Ray Rousell said...

Nice work, love the camels!