Friday, 1 February 2013

Butch Sullivan in Escape from the Lair

With my wife out at a works do and my daughter safely tucked up in bed rather than crack on with more painting I decided to have another run through of Pulp Alley and try and figure out some more of the rules. 

I plucked out another pre-rolled scenario from my stash and set out to play a Race Against Time scenario. The background is as follows:

Our heroes are stuck deep within the secret lair of Oberst von Klinkerhoffen and disaster has struck, it would appear that utility station 42 has been destroyed, this station controls the main hanger doors and without it our heroes cannot escape.  One of the electrical conduits is damaged and requires replacing, looking about it would appear that all the parts our heroes require may be available in the immediate area. 

The Major Objective for this scenario is repairing Utility Station 42.
The minor objectives of which our heroes require any 3 are; A pile of electrical conduits, electrical blueprints, some machine parts and an abandoned generator.

The initial setup with out heroes in the center around the Utility Station and the forces of Oberst von Klinkerhoffen coming in from the higher level. 

Our heroes quickly spread out in the first couple of turns making a dash to look for the equipment they need.

Meanwhile the Germans advance, Lauren Stone and the vicious hound Indiana move into a position to cut them off, Indiana leaps straight into the action and mauls one of the German guards.

Kazim makes a move to engage the German guards but under the watchful eye of Klinkerhoffen he is gunned down by the German guards.

Butch rummages through the paperwork in one of the offices and comes up trumps, it would appear he's found a set of electrical blueprints for the utility station.

Markus has made his way back to the utility station with a set of electrical conduits but he is ambushed by Hans Gruber, in the resulting firefight Markus goes down whilst the sly German officer keeps himself in cover around these large pipes.

Lauren moves into a better position and takes out one of the guards whilst Indiana is taken down by another guard with the help of Klinkerhoffen. Kazim meanwhile appears to have crawled off and fallen unconsious from the loss of blood.

Butch manages to start up an old generator  which can be hooked up to the doors and help get them moving.

 With everything they need in their control it would appear that our heroes can make their escape. Klinkerhoffen vows that revenge shall be his our Butch and co disappear into the night.

Again I ended the game a little early as I'd been at it on and off for a couple of hours and wanted to get cleared up as it was getting a little late.

End of Game Debrief.
Overall it ran smoother this time, I'm still getting my head around the flow of the rules, at one point I completely forgot who had the initiative and essentially had to roll off again to allocate it.

Low level characters appeared to get up an awful lot, this contributed to a bit of a bottle neck at the bottom of the stairs which lasted several turns with the 2 groups trading shots and melee and then recovering.

In the end it was enjoyable and I picked up on a few mistakes I'd been making by not reading the rules properly. Another game or two and I should have this down.

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Benvolio Montague said...

Hey looks cool, where did you get the figure with the dual revolvers in the jumping back style? He looks pretty fancy.