Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Analogue Painting Competition - End of month 1 Roundup

Yup it's been a little quiet around here in January, that's due to the painting competition  Christmas, new Year, my Daughters Birthday and finally a weekend away with some Steampunk Friends of ours.

I've managed to plod along with the painting competition and currently sit a little behind the planned schedule, I've amassed a reasonable 155 points of my target of 500, that puts me at around 31% of target.

I'm actually a little surprised at that figure, and with a good Feb I may actually be able to make the 500 points.

A quick overview of what I've painted so far:

That's 28 miniatures and a vehicle, may not seem a lot for some people but for me this is pretty good progress, I probably only painted 30 miniatures for the whole of 2012 so here's to a year of painting stuff up.

With another couple of orders turning up this last week I've quite a healthy painting queue again, though I'm still ignoring the Saga Anglo-Danes I've got. Up next should be several batches of Napoleonic French, some WW2 Americans and plenty more pulp miniatures. 

These updates will probably only be monthly so they don't cut into what little painting time I have. 

Till next time.


Ray Rousell said...

Some great work there Ian, I like the Sultan guy the best, but your two latest entries are not far behind either. Keep plugging away, I'm sure you'll smash your 500 point mark. I don't think I'll make my 3000 mark, 2000 maybe, but you never know!!!

Phyllion said...

It's really good to see you back into the painting. You have such a great style (I blame the art degree).

Phil said...

Wonderful minis and vehicle, the French Guard is amazing!