Monday, 15 February 2010

Oops, A day late once again, Apologies to anyone who checked by yesterday. I finished up quite late at night and didn't have time to get any photos done.

However I have some now:

3 new risers, 2 are 3 levels high and the last just 1 level high. Each level comes out at 30mm tall to give you an idea of scale.

A test batch of ruined walls. These were build with off cuts of the Foamed PVC and embossed styrene that the blocks are made of plus some polystyrene to bulk then out and some bricks shopped from more spare Foamed PVC. The tesxture is a mix of PVA, Fine sand and filler with some extra rubble thrown in for good measure. I'm really happy at how these turned out so I'll be makeing some more when I have the chance.

Some Test Rock faces. Overall fairly dissapointed by the look of these, this wasn;t quite what I have in my head when I started them but then I've always struggled with makeing decent rock faces. I may trial a few more techniques over the coming weeks to try and get some better ones.

So the total scenery so far this year is shown here with some jungle I made last year. Considering I've got about 4-6 hours hobby time a week at the moment I'm fairly happy with my progress.

A final close up with Indy again to show scale.

So whats in store for this week?

Well I'm now out of Foamed PVC and some of the embossed styrene so although I may make some more ruined walls I'll most likely not finish them this week. I'm also out of a fair amount of paint and getting low on Glue I feel a sneaky trip to the store coming on.

What I have found is a load of Hardboard cut offs which I'm trimming down to make greenery bases so I can mark out the edges of area terrain (forest, jungle etc) These are going to be fairly basic and mainly just add grid marks to the floor. I've also got a 2'x2' board primed grey so I may have time to mark out the grid and add a few more grey/brown shared to it.

I also have my Wargames Factory Zulus sat on my desk. These are to be turned into jungle tribesmen so new weapons are needed plus wooden face maskes etc.

On the bargain side I was in Asda tonight and spotted Watchmen and District 9 for £7 each (they also had moon, public enemies and underworld 3) with the missus scowling I just grabbed the 2 for now but that should keep me entertained this week.

Any how I'll hopefully see you all next week.

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