Sunday, 6 January 2019

I've not been doing nothing....

In all respects 2018 has been a bumper year for hobby effort. I managed to complete so many projects and get a fair amount of gaming in.

The big game of last year was Warhammer 40k, I painted up a new Primaris Blood raven force for the new edition and it saw a lot of table time at the beginning of the year.

I've a few more models to finish off but that's it for the moment until the rumoured Primaris release turns up later in 2019.

The shortest project of 2018 was Bolt Action, I dropped into Leeds Night Owls early in the year on the premise I'd try and get down once a month for a day of gaming. I made it down precisely three times before I got distracted by general life. The club is big into Bolt Action so i built a small American force to try and get some games in, i used them once and they've spent the rest of the year in the cabinet.

I got some Germans and British Vehicles as well but I've not managed to find the time to paint them yet.

Since getting The Silver tower I promised myself a new Tzeentch AoS army, always my favourite chaos God. Anyhow I purchased most of this in 2017 and it languished for a year before I finally dusted it down and got some paint on it.

Only used them a couple of times so far but they're fun to play.

Found some time to get my 2 young girls into gaming, they chose pirates and so I set to work painting up a bunch of minis and built a load of new terrain for them.

They've been asking for a game again over the holidays and now we've moved house these will see the table again soon.

Work so times on my somewhat large Marvel Superheroes project. My brother and I even managed to get some games in whilst on holiday in the summer.

The minis are a mix of Knight Models, Heroclix and a number of private commissions.

There were some bits of skirmish gaming including Bushido, an awesome Fantasy Samurai game (sorry no pics yet as they're still packed away somewhere)

The last project of the year was an old favourite, I unfortunately held out on buying in for too long and missed the Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master edition so I had to purchase them individually, we've test run  the game once but I really need to build and paint the second legion to do it properly (and build some terrain).

These are outstanding kits from GW, relatively easy to build and with the aid of the airbrush and some masking tape they paint up really well. Looking forward to the rest of the models, I'll be adding a warlord to this lot and then the aforementioned Trator Legion.

As we ticked over into 2019 I picked up some guildball teams, Necromunda Cawdor and Delaque along with Some Malifaux minis and a few Batman minis. I'll be starting on these shortly, managed to get them built up over the holidays so I'm ready to rock.

Finally, apologies for the poor quality photo's, I've not yet located my photo booth following the move.

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