Sunday, 6 January 2019

I've not been doing nothing....

In all respects 2018 has been a bumper year for hobby effort. I managed to complete so many projects and get a fair amount of gaming in.

The big game of last year was Warhammer 40k, I painted up a new Primaris Blood raven force for the new edition and it saw a lot of table time at the beginning of the year.

I've a few more models to finish off but that's it for the moment until the rumoured Primaris release turns up later in 2019.

The shortest project of 2018 was Bolt Action, I dropped into Leeds Night Owls early in the year on the premise I'd try and get down once a month for a day of gaming. I made it down precisely three times before I got distracted by general life. The club is big into Bolt Action so i built a small American force to try and get some games in, i used them once and they've spent the rest of the year in the cabinet.

I got some Germans and British Vehicles as well but I've not managed to find the time to paint them yet.

Since getting The Silver tower I promised myself a new Tzeentch AoS army, always my favourite chaos God. Anyhow I purchased most of this in 2017 and it languished for a year before I finally dusted it down and got some paint on it.

Only used them a couple of times so far but they're fun to play.

Found some time to get my 2 young girls into gaming, they chose pirates and so I set to work painting up a bunch of minis and built a load of new terrain for them.

They've been asking for a game again over the holidays and now we've moved house these will see the table again soon.

Work so times on my somewhat large Marvel Superheroes project. My brother and I even managed to get some games in whilst on holiday in the summer.

The minis are a mix of Knight Models, Heroclix and a number of private commissions.

There were some bits of skirmish gaming including Bushido, an awesome Fantasy Samurai game (sorry no pics yet as they're still packed away somewhere)

The last project of the year was an old favourite, I unfortunately held out on buying in for too long and missed the Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master edition so I had to purchase them individually, we've test run  the game once but I really need to build and paint the second legion to do it properly (and build some terrain).

These are outstanding kits from GW, relatively easy to build and with the aid of the airbrush and some masking tape they paint up really well. Looking forward to the rest of the models, I'll be adding a warlord to this lot and then the aforementioned Trator Legion.

As we ticked over into 2019 I picked up some guildball teams, Necromunda Cawdor and Delaque along with Some Malifaux minis and a few Batman minis. I'll be starting on these shortly, managed to get them built up over the holidays so I'm ready to rock.

Finally, apologies for the poor quality photo's, I've not yet located my photo booth following the move.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Age of Sigmar Painting Update - July 2016

The months roll on, unfortunately my painting has slowed a little, namely as I've been building a load of new stuff for the paint queue, my copy of the Silver tower arrived the other day and that's a fair chunk of miniatures to put together, more so as I'm also converting a lot of the Tzaangor to have double handed weapons. I've also just finished building Archaon the Everchosen, still got some cleaning up and green stuffing but I'm really looking forward to that project. 

In the meantime here's what I've painted up over the past 8 weeks. 

First up more reinforcements for my Bloodbound, 6 Mighty Skullcrushers, I managed to snag these at the bring and buy when I was at Fiasco in Leeds a few months back for £30, I can rarely turn down half price minis. I kept the paintjob simple and in line with the rest of my Bloodbound. 

Another hero for the Bloodbound too, an Aspriring Deathbringer, I wasn't overly fussed by the miniature when he was first released but then seeing him painted up by one of the guys at the local store my mind was changed, he's very dynamic and full of character.

Onto some randoms, a couple more spawn of chaos, more specifically spawn for my upcoming Tzeentch force (to be combined with some of the Silver Tower miniatures). These were a little experimental, I tried out a number of washes and glazes to see what effects I could manage. The pink one is a trial for my pink horror colour scheme.

I just managed to finish these last night, a bunch more Gor for my Brayherd, brings me up to 20 in total now, not enough for a full force but 20 with a Brayherd character can easily be tacked onto my Khorne force for some speedy and effective infantry. 

One of the units that took the longest to paint is up next, almost 3 weeks in total. The new Varanguard are fantastic miniatures and totally huge. I chose to paint up each of them as a follower of a different God, also painted up to match my existing forces. 

Some more daemons for my Rotbringer force, some brown plaguebearers this time for a change from my green ones, should make them easier to pick out as individual units on the board. 

Just a couple of rats for a planned Skaven force, working on a Clan Skryre force, all weapon teams and Stormfiends will be the plan.

Finally my other new force, some of the new Fyreslayers, I loved these from the day they were released and have had these miniatures for a good few months already, I'll be fleshing out this force over the summer. 

I'm just working on some Flamers of Tzeentch but they're a few days short of being finished, then it's time to break out the airbrush and get some base layers down on a bunch of figures, oh and buy some more fyerslayers. I've a cracking conversion idea for a Magmadroth.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Age of Sigmar Painting Update - March and April

Another busy couple of months, not managed to post many of my painted miniatures but I have been painting steadily and managing to game more, pretty much getting in an Age of Sigmar game every week now which is really good for me.

On the painting front it's a mixed bag, some additions to existing armies and April was paint an army in a month challenge for me as I really wanted to get them on the battlefield quickly.

We'll start with some additions to my existing forces, first up a converted branchwraith, made from a plastic Dryad and given dreadlocks. Simple paintjob and much browner than the rest of my sylvaneth.

On to my Bloodbound, took me a while to get him at a good price but I managed to pick up Skarr Bloodwrath off ebay for under a tenner. Painted to match the rest of my bloodbound, though there is a little more pink in his skin to help him stand out. 

I found that my 10 Bloodwarriors were not really cutting it on the table so I had little choice but to add another 10, these are all from the starter box and painted to match the rest of them. Again ebay purchases saved be a good 1/3 off the retail box.

Next up a couple of christmas presents I've finally gotten around to painting, firstly a chimera from my Brother, this was painted in a bit of a hurry and I may go back to add some markings but I wanted him for my Nurgle force I took to Warhammer world a month or so ago. I've tried to pick out the colours of all the chaos gods a little on this one so it can sit in any chaos force. 

On the battlefield he's a bit of a mixed bag, his breath attack is awesome and hurts quickly, he has a lot of great attacks with high damage and rend but they often miss, I've seen him demolish units and then totally fluff his attacks for a couple of rounds. Still it's good fun and scares your opponent on the first round or two.

My second Christmas present was a daemon prince from my missus, since I already had one painted up for my Khorne force I opted for a Nurgle one this time. With a couple of additions from a spare Plaguedrone and quite a bit of greenstuff this "beauty" was born.  

Another Nurgle hero I really fancies was Epidemius, a bloated Plaguebearer on planaquinn. Unfortunately I don't like the resin model and I'm not overly fond of resin for gaming miniatures. So I set about building my own, a spare Nurgle banner, saddle from my Stonehorn, a Plaguebearer, bits of Blightking and a lot of Nurglings. 

Finally one of my most critical units on the battlefield it seems, these guys can soak damage, strike back with some decent attacks and most critically are relatively quick for Nurgle units. They've done sterling work over the last few games and are pretty much a permanent feature in my force. Here are my first 3 Plaguedrones. 

Not onto the new stuff. One of the great things about AoS is you don't need a massive force like you did in WHFB, a small force of 30-80 models is more than enough. I've always been a greenskin fan and the Moonclan Grots seemed like a lot of fun for a sub faction with plenty of options, I've also seen a couple of battle reports where mangler squigs just tore their enemy apart. So all I could do is add some to my new force. 

I purchased one but when putting it together felt that I'd be likely to break them when they are stacked on top of another sooner or later. So I based them up separately so got 2 manglers for the price of one kit. 

Wanting to get the force on the table quickly I converted up a warboss and a couple of shamen out of the plastic nightgoblin kit. Nothing fancy, I just based them up on larger bases to mark them out. 

No goblin (Grot) force is complete without a lot of troops, so my core unit of 30 Moonclan Grots is up next, armed with spears and shields they should benefit from the bravery bonus and survive long enough to make it to the enemy. 

To support the main infantry unit is a block of 20 Moonclan Grots with bows, whilst not the greatest marksmen in the world this shooting could help sway the battle a little and will be a thorn in my opponents side.

Moonclan grots like the WHFB counterpart live deep underground, and deep underground you need some brave grots to drive out any Squigs. I've a small unit of Squig Hearders and 15 squigs to start with, all picked up on ebay and unfortunately in metal, thus the shiny gloss varnish on the Squigs. 

Finally what goblin force is complete without some Fanatics, I've half a dozen of them for the moment, probably want to double this at some point to ensure they survive a round of two as they can be pretty devastating. 

I've plenty still to paint, a couple more heroes for various forces, some Fyreslayers, a bunch more Nurgle Daemons. As it was recently my birthday I also have Archaon and a unit of Varanguard to paint along with some Stormvermin for my new Skaven force. Unfortunately for my wallet GW have just released some fantastic new Orruk miniatures so I may get a little distracted by them at some point.  

Anyhow until next time.